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Radonjić Dragan

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Radonjić Dragan


Born in Svrljig 1961.

He graduated in Zagreb 1990. Faculty of Technology, Design clothing and textiles.
He graduated in Zajecar 2004. the Faculty of Management, majoring in international marketing.

It deals with: painting, fashion design, textile design, theater costume design, sculpture and marketing.

Solo exhibitions:

Belgrade - a student city, in 1988.
Zagreb - "NAMA", in 1989.
Svrljig - gallery low bank 2,001th
Niš - TV show (NTV), 2002nd

Group exhibitions:

Zagreb - in 1988.
Zvonačka Spa - 2003rd


Award for best student paper (female dress) - Zagreb, in 1989.

Belgrade Fair:

1991 - Golden deer, 1991 - Ring "golden deer"
1998 - Golden deer, 2003 - Ring "golden deer"
2000 - Golden deer,
2000 - Golden deer,
2003 - Golden deer,
2003 - Golden deer,
2003 - Gold Medal for the best marketing
appearance of the fashion house "Edi" Niš

Leskovac Fair:

2000 - Golden Simonida
2000 - Gold medal

He lives and works in Nis.

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