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'IVANA 2014' oil painting, artist Tasic Z.Goran, can be found in paintings categories such as Oil paintings, Nude women, Realism Art. Enjoy exploring these sections for other SerbianaArt treasures.

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IVANA 2014

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Product Information
IVANA 2014 - Akril na platnu kasiranom na lesonitu (24x18)cm - Kroki

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Item Name:

IVANA 2014

Author: Tasic Z.Goran

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Direct From the Artist

Item ID: 778150
Edition: Original
Dimensions: 18cm x 24cm (7.1'' x 9.4'')
Media: Oil, Canvas
Theme: Nude women
Year made: Not specified
Framed: Not framed
Status: Ask for sale
Price: Not specified

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Tel: +381 16 283 417
Tel: +381 63 743 4 546

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