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Ilic Jasmina
- Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma – Fine Art-Painting
- University of Belgrade – Arabian, Persian, Turkish and English Language Studies

Gospa iz Akrotira II

Ojdanic Dragan
Ojdanić Dragan was born in Belgrade in 1973. He attended drawing lessons with Branko Tijanić in Užice, and he got his first painting experience with our academic painter Božidar Kovačević. He is now working as an independent artist in Belgrade,
Zimski pejzaz u selu Ravni

Dobrijevic Radojka

Radojka Dobrijevic - She finished Advanced School of Economy in Belgrade. She is living and working in Apatin. She rights poetry and paints. She participated at 24th “Bronkovo kolo” on the occasion of
Konji u trku

Misic Zoran Zifft
Zoran Misic was born in Smederevo on 3rd November in 1967. He graduated Art at Belgrade Art College at Belgrade University in 1993 and received Art master degree in 1995. His advisor was professor Cedomir Vasic. He became memb
St. Sava (1)

Ivetic Gordana
Gordana Ivetic born in 1965 in Sombor.

She finished Advanced School of Painting and Applied Art in Belgrade, Department for Painting. She also finished studies for education profile Conservator preparatory in the same school.
Kišni dan u Herceg Novom

Fisic Tijana
Tijana Fisic was born in Belgrade in 1969. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1989. and completed her post-graduate studies at same faculty in 1993.

She lives and works in Belgrade.
Green Flame from the Castle

Djuragic Giga Dile
1946 – Born in Kovilje, Giga Djuragic Dile, painter and tapestriest.
1970 - Finished Advanced Business School in Novi Sad, painting upbringing.

1974 - Became a member of UPIDIV.
1986 – Became a member of SULUV.
Early Spring

Sakic Ljubica
Ljubica Sakic, a typographer, a painter and a designer, was born on May 7, 1966 in Glina, Croatia.
She finishes School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1985, and Painting Academy in Belgrade in 1991. She got her Masters degree on the same faculty
River Banks

Andrejevic Borivoje
Borivoje Andrejevic was born in Pristina in 1945. He finished Military Academy. Learned to paint on his own and is painting for more then 30 years. His favored technique is watercolor painting.

Displayed on more then 30 independent an
Gift 18

Markovic Dragana
Contact me

Galleries: 161  Total pages: 17
Page:  <<  12  13  14  15  16  17  >>
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