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Samardzija Olivera Olja
I was born in 1964, and I live in Novi Sad. Painting has always been my hobby, and I'm working actively painting since 1995. I had three solo exhibitions and took part in several collective. All paintings are done in oil on canvas.
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Woman (2)

Borko Šainović
Borko Sainovic - painter. Born 1974,in small town Gornji Milanovac, where hi finished primary and high school. He has exhibited several times independently, and more times in common humanitarian exhibition. He received invatations for exhibitions of

Petkovic Milos
Born in Zemun, Petkovic brings a story of simple city life to the eyes of his audience.
After Serbia and New Zealand, he currently lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.
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Belgrade Republic Square

Katanic Branka
00381 63 10 25 400
00381 11 2 772 983
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Stoliv -1

Bracinac Predrag
Slikarstvom se bavi 40 godina
Tehnike ulje,suvi pastel,olovka i tus
Izlagao na vise samostalnih i grupnih izlozbi.
Dela prodavana u celom svetu.
Zastupljen kao prodavaniji umetnik u vecim galerijama

Glodjovic Budimka Buba
At its aesthetic quest belong to every work of art. The idea association, abstraction, finally settling white linen, certain compositions and perfection of artistic work ... Finally, "All I wanted to ... I wanted!" This is my triumph, victory, satisf
Sunflowers in a blue vase

Sevo Dejan
Dejan Ševo is Serbian painter and watercolorist
born in 1978
After finished art school, he dedicated mainly watercolor painting as a medium, even though they represented and oil in his oeuvre.
Possibility of watercolors as techn
`Aya Sophia`

Zoran Jovanovic Dobrotin
Zoran Jovanovic Dobrotin (1942 - 2016)

Rodjen je 1942. godine u Dobrotinu, Srbija. Srednju umetnicku skolu zavrsio je 1964. godine u Nisu, Akademiju primenjenih umetnosti 1970. godine u Beogradu, gde je zavrsio i postdiplomske s
Unutrasnji svet

Jelena Milosevic Jovanovic

  • Jelena Milosevic-Jovanović, slikar i dizajner, rodjena je 27. januara 1958. godine u Beogradu, Srbija, gde danas zivi i radi. Kroz slikarske skole, Akademiju primenjenih umetnosti u Beograd
  • Plava velika boca,  zlatni i srebrni pigment u boji

    Obrenovic Milovan
    Milovan Obrenovic, he was born in 1955. God. In Duke Stepi. He lives and creates in Belgrade. He has completed the aviation military academy and within the same was a pilot. During the longstanding rehabilitation, after aviation accident, with t
    The beginning of autumn

    Galleries: 162  Total pages: 17
    Page:  <<  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  >>
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