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How to Buy?


How to buy an art work (in further text: article) in gallery? It is very easy! You must first put articles you want (similar to a store) in a shopping basket and then continue to the cash register.


You can search by categories (artist, style, technique, price) shown on the left and right sides of the screen.

In the case you exactly know which article you want, it is simplest to use the search possibility located on the left side of the screen. Enter name of author, title, or article code in the provided field and click on "Search"

A group of at most 9 articles will appear on the screen, found in our database based on your criteria. In upper left and lower right corner of the screen a total number of articles satisfying given criteria will appear, total number of pages with found articles, number of current page and the possibility to move forward or back.

Author name and a short description of the article are displayed under every article (technique used, dimensions, prices, and eventual discounts). If you want to know more about the author's biography, click on his/her name.

Your shopping basket

When you find an article you want to order, first click on article picture which will enlarge it and then on the button "Add to basket" located under the article description and price. In this way you can add as many items to the basket as you want.

The Policy of SerbianaArt gallery is to give away a watercolor painting of your choice for every two bought paintings.

You can check the contents of your basket at any time with a simple click on the button "My Basket". The content of your basket will be displayed on the screen together with the order amount. If you want to remove an article from the basket simply click on the button "Remove" located right of every article in your shopping basket.

When you are satisfied with the contents of your basket first chose delivery method, and then payment method for your order.

Your contact information

To be able to make an order it is necessary to fill registration forms. We need: name, surname, and delivery address, as well as invoice address if different from the previous. Also, we need your e-mail address to send you information on the status of your order.

If needed articles are a gift, SerbianaArt gives you a possibility to send a message to the receiver of the gift. Text entered in the provided field will be put on a picture postcard of SerbianaArt which will be enclosed with the gift.

SerbianaArt guarantees complete safety and privacy of your personal information. All entered information will be used only for the intended purposes and will be protected from unauthorized access.

Learn more about ways in which guarantees safety of purchase and privacy of information.

After successful registration all entered information will be shown in your shopping basket for review. If you notice that some information is incorrect you can change it by clicking on "Change". If everything is OK finish your order by clicking on the button "Continue" with which you also confirm that you have read and that you agree with general terms for buying. Our terms...


Follow these six basic steps to successfully create your order:

  1. Pick articles.
  2. Add articles to the basket.
  3. Chose delivery and payment methods for your order.
  4. Register (Name and invoice address and if needed delivery address, your e-mail).
  5. Check the contents of your basket and your contact information.
  6. Accept our terms and conditions and send your order.

SerbianaArt will send information about your order on your e-mail along with information on our further proceeding.