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Biljana Zarubica

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Biljana Zarubica


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I've recognized a kind of an own clearness in My mind. For me, each spoken letter and made word has got a certain colour. That colour is never alone and some just as a letter in the word. They steadily each wish other change. In that way I've learnt that besides written statement that some thing I can paint with handwriting of colours and those two handwritings can become one.

I am sure that such a handwriting I needn't explain to the people, because the colour in a base just as a letter in a word. By means of this handwriting for a long time I have been writing an expression which is experienced, deceitful, failed, happy, sad, dark, usual, delighted and each other sense which could make possible change at our life.

There are some days, after some events, when I am not able to prononnce or a letter either a word, became of the surprises surround me. All that then is being registered on the canvas with emptiness. In that case the eyes can see that emptiness and and to identity both handwritings. For a long time I have been enjoying this writing at colours what for me means my personal communication with people. By means of these colour I describe people who live around me, wo I love, who I meet, I don't describe them with words. I think that everything writen by colours has got the same dimension as there written by words.

Sometimes it seems that the size of the canvas is too small however it is large to express a certain moment or in joy, either in sadness, while stay in front of this whiteness, it gives me its own strength for me to express my experience.

While I make these handwritings, it seems that my face changes as just I speak or I write. Then I can't see that, but only I can conjecture. I am right to express my works because they don't iritrate anybody. They are only the truth of a certain time and existense we have been living for years. My expressions on the canvas I shamed a lot at times of the exbibitions where the people commented just as I did.

In this way I got a confirmation about the value of my paintings. I thing that therecognition is the criterion for the truth. Even without is the criterion for the truth, even without my signature my paintings can be recognized.

More than fifty times I have exhibited my works in different places, alone or together with other painters. This group had their exibitions in Greece, Italy and Germany.

There were some rewards, praises which to me meant that I became a recognized painter by my way of expression. There were days when I gave my paintings to stand on some places where they wuldn't go away from me.

My name is Biljana.

My occupation is a lawyer.

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