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Blagic Borko

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Blagic Borko


My name is Blagić Borko. I am a self-taught painter. I live in Serbia, Belgrade. My art works are represented in private collections in USA, Russia, Germany, France, Slovenia, China, UK, Norwey, Serbia.\r\n\r\nView of the Uncreated Reality\r\n\r\nArtist Borko Blagić, whose reflections, outside of the present state of civilization, are moved by a system of intertwined modes, transfers the relations of time and space to a place out-of-time and out-of-space. Analyzing Creation, participating in various exploitations of Earth and Man, the artist, through his reactions, gives insight into various routes of civilization, while also pointing out the possibility of reanimation of the world by creating one’s own world, primordial and personal, a world that draws us in with its honesty and esthetic form.\r\n\r\nThis artistic approach includes merging numerous shattered pieces of fragmented reality, where real space isn’t visible; the space on the surface of the canvas is constructed from anthropomorphous traits, typical of the exploration of the personal and the spiritual.\r\n\r\nAs manifestations of traumatic spaces, associative representations in these images are, in a certain sense, dreams of reality.\r\nDeformations, disproportions and ultimately subjective representations and personal interpretations atest to an artistic expression based on psychological visions, and capture an idea of a “different space” and a timeless point between perception and awareness. Subtle construction of images and materialization of colored fields emphasize the expression of personal mythologies of an artist who transfers his transmutations, references, interruptions, errors and illusive promises into the world of art, revealing their true meaning.

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