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Dinić Miroslava

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Dinić Miroslava


Miroslava Dinić was born in Koželj 1945. year in Koželj, municipality Knjaževac, Serbia. She graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. Since 2015, Miroslava has been a member of the art association Vane Zivadinovic Bor.

Miroslava has always maintained high interests in art, first in photography, drawing and graphic, and finally painting. She participated an art workshop led by Jadranka Vukojicic in 2012-2013.

She had two independent exibitions in 2015 and 2019 in Bor. Her art works have been presented at multiple group exhibitions such as the Spring art saloon and the October art exhibition at the Museum of mining and metalurgy.

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