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Djordjevic Jasmina Jaca Mina Art

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Djordjevic Jasmina Jaca Mina Art


Already in my early childhood, I loved watching the game of light and shadow, shape, color, blinking in the air. I watched the light of the sun through the window and the curtains that dance in the air ... I would take a pen and try to transfer my feelings on to paper. Every moment when I feel the need to express some of mine feelings, I pour the colors and lines on my canvas or paper.
Was admitted and still member to the local association of fine artists in my hometown, participated in several fine art colonies and art exhibitions.
Regularly participate on organized meetings of painters and exhibitions for humanitarian purposes.
I sold a few paintings and worked on orders from friends or through a social networks.
Self-taughtartist and still learning, and I can say one more thinng , I lived art, that power and strength that fixes every care and uplifts everyday life.

Independent artist
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