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Djordjevic Snezana

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Djordjevic Snezana


Member of the Association of Fine Artists ─ćuprije and member Association broad path Belgrade. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Serbia. The participant regular international and local art colonies . Her first solo exhibition was in Maribor, Slovenia 2015, second in Cyprus in Larnaca 2016 .Third solo exhibition in Belgrade,Serbia Mprousko portraits 2017 in the presence of famous actors from the eponymous series Mprousko with Cyprus . Participant of the exhibition on Crete in Heraklion 2016..Participant juried shows 32 autumn art salon in Aleksinac 2014. Participant XIX international exhibitions Wide spring Path in Belgrade 2015 and participant on exhibition Mini Act in Japan,Canada and Belgrade 2016..Participant on Exhebition MIni act 2017 Japan.This year 2018 on Cyprus to Nicosia she had a collective show where she exhibited her acts in aquarelle technique. 2019 in Pedagogical museum sales exhibition ~~ Talasi I Mastarije ~~ ..The exhibition is in progress until September 15th in Belgrade ...
202o Solo Exhibition ~~Talasi i Mastarije ~~In Vrsac
2020 Collective exhibition ~~Zene za zene ~~ in Batocina
202o Solo Exhibition ~~Talasi i Mastarije in Paracin, Serbia
202o Solo Exhibition ~~Talasi i Mastarije in Batocina, Serbia
2020 Solo Exhibition ~~ Talasi i Mastarije~~ in Novi Sad, Serbia
2020 Winning Art on America Art Awards 6th place in catergorie Abstract Expressionism for painting Balkan Oil on canvas 100x50
Favorite technique oil on canvas, watercolor, acrylic .. There is beauty that can be found in the most simple and small things, she says that inspire music, dreams, sea landscapes and aspects of daily life, which is surrounded by ...
Autodidakt from Cuprija has developed over the years her unique and authentic technique through expressive abstraction which moves adjusts her natural ability, creating works with an emphasis combinations of colors and thick layers of sediment mixing to capture the essence of the moment of emotion and light on canvas ...her art has many different sides and styles. It simply represents the way she felt at that specific moment of creation. It always reflects her emotions, what moved her, what made her happy or took her sadness away. Her soul is there, visible.In addition to abstract paintings, lately the greatest observation among her collcetors of artwork has artworks in watercolor technique with its recognizable female acts. The figurative representation of women's bodies breathe with special erotic poses and passions ... Many of her works are in private collections in Serbia, America, Cyprus, Greece, Austria,Slovenia, England, Sweden, Belgium,Australia,Netherlands,Canada,Montenegro and Russia ..
Work and live between Cyprus and Serbia ..Owner gallery and bookstore in Serbia..

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