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Dundjerski Isidora

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Dundjerski Isidora


" Art is the best way of researching for me...."
Isidora Dundjerski is multimedial artist. Born in 1977. Graduated from the Academy of Art in 2000. In 2001, she was listed by the media in Novi Sad, as one of the top 10 upcoming artist in Vojvodina.
She received several awards for costume and stage design at different theatre festivals. Apart from painting, Isidora also does interior design(murals, vitrage, lamps, instalations, mosaics,...), costumes, performances, scenography, video,...
For 20 years, she has been exploring the art of movement and different types of oriental dances. Love music, old instruments and play mouth harp. Here, just like in her painting, being guided by intuition and simply by giving in, she finds her unique artstic expression.
Isidora's art attracted much attention and inspired many people. Here are a few comments:
"... Isidora does not observe, she considers. She does not paint, she experiences. This artist does not reproduce, she forms. She defies existing laws and manifests her inner world. She does not take. She seeks. That and nothing else. Essence and nothing but essence! ..."
"In Isidora's creative work we constantly encounter the phenomenon of "primeval images". Primeval images represent an ancient archetypal matrix of premordial perfection and completedness. With her art, Isidora is reaching the metaphysical and allowing us to directly experience primeval imagery, thus selflesszy providing modern man with a model and matrix of primordial perfection and an opportunity to return to harmony and oneness..."

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