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Product Information

The spiritual significance of the blue butterfly
The significance of the blue butterfly is complicated. However, it is accompanied by the symbolism of new life, which represents rebirth and transformation. In addition, the blue butterfly also symbolizes love. As a result, the blue butterfly brings joyful and cheerful vibrations. When we see them around us, we have a feeling of calm and peace. It is also considered lucky because blue butterflies are very rare.

Blue butterflies are also considered sacred in some cultures, because they are beautiful in appearance and meaning. They have a deep spiritual and mysterious significance. They usually seem to have arrived from another reality, dreamy and imaginative.

Blue butterflies are also feminine and gentle creatures thanks to their fragile and beautiful wings. The most important meaning they have is the possibility of a carefree and liberated life, which is deprived of all responsibility and stress.

Item Name:

Blue butterfly

Item ID: 436012
Edition: Original
Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm (13.8'' x 9.8'')
Media: Acrylic, Canvas
Theme: Abstract landscape
Year made: 2021
Framed: Framed

€ 100  -  30%   =   € 70

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Artist Arsenovic Jelena

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