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📐47x57cm with frame (without 40x50 cm)
🎨 acrylic
🖼️ with frame

The painting was created in February 2021 and was inspired by the bad actions of people towards a woman dear to me.
Justice and law are very often two completely different things, which jurists know best, so, probably because of that, the Greeks had two goddesses Dick - Goddess of justice Themis - Goddess of law, or law and order.
The Romans merged these two things into one - they equated the postulates of law and justice, and this was shaped in one deity who combined these two concepts. Justice was their goddess who had all the qualities of Dicke and Themis.
Justice was shown blindfolded,
for justice is the same for all and applies to all,
who holds a sword in her right hand and a scales in her left.
These two symbols express her need to accurately weigh guilt and innocence.

Item Name:

Justice, the Roman goddess of law and justice

Item ID: 436025
Edition: Original
Dimensions: 40cm x 50cm (15.7'' x 19.7'')
Media: Acrylic, Canvas
Theme: Figurative
Year made: 2021
Framed: Framed

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