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Ruzicic Marija

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Ruzicic Marija


Marija Ruzicic, expressionist fine art and contemporary artist from Kragujevac, central Serbia. I have been practicing art since I was 20 years old. The basis of my artistic work is painting, expressive painting. Except for acrylic and oil on canvas, I create drawings and watercolors. I often work combined techniques. My art is based on the exploration of expression in the landscape, the city, as well as the figures ... portraits. A very expressive relation between light and shade as well as coloring give my paintings a sense of atmosphere and life. I did not study. All my artistic opus is the result of only my talent and a great disciplined artistic process. As a child, I started drawing at the age of 10 and was awarded on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Since then, I have been working and creating my own style. Very quickly, I started living art and began to receive positive criticism of my work and progress. I am a multi artist. In addition to painting, I design and make artistic jewelry from metals, metalsmith, design of textiles, clothes and other accessories.A lot of exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, since 1990. to the present. I have received several praise and awards for painting and drawing in my country. I am a member of the Association of Fine Artists and Designers of Serbia-ULUPUDS, since 2015.
Annual exhibitions of Fine Artists of Kragujevac 1995-2010.
Republican Exhibitions of Fine Arts Belgrade 1991-2000.
Republican Fine Arts Shows Kovin, Sombor, Pancevo,
Krusevac, Sabac 1995-2003
Spring Drawing Exhibition, LUK-Kragujevac 2004-2010.
21st Serbian Art Exhibition, Vrsac 2001
Gornji Milanovac International Miniature Biennial 1996. 2011.2013.2015.2016.
Exhibition of drawings Sabac 2001-2010.
Exhibition Small Format Sabac 2000-2011
Sabac Watercolor Exhibition 2008-2013/2015
Sabac Portrait Exhibition 2000.2001.2005.2008.Exhibition of drawings of the gallery "Brace Stamenkovic" Belgrade 2009.
October Kovin Salon 2000, 2001
Women painters Majdanpek 2010, 2011.
International Miniature Exhibition Majdanpek 2010, 2011.2012.2013.2014.2015.2016.
VoVe Miniart Hungary International Exhibition 2013.2014.2015.
International Exhibition Balaton Romania 2013.2014.2015.
Fourth Biennial of Drawings - Pancevo Historical Archive 2013
Solo exhibition of drawings "Echoes" - SKC Gallery, Kragujevac 2012.
ULUPUDS Members' Small Format Exhibition2015,
International Watercolor Biennale Mini Act 2015
International Biennale 30x30 Zrenjanin 2015.
First prize of the Serbian Amateur Association, Belgrade 2000.
First Prize of the Sabac Act Biennial 2011.

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