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Obrenovic Milovan

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Obrenovic Milovan


Milovan Obrenovic, he was born in 1955. God. In Duke Stepi. He lives and creates in Belgrade. He has completed the aviation military academy and within the same was a pilot. During the longstanding rehabilitation, after aviation accident, with to get physiatrists, begins to be involved and painting . True, antique embroidery talent discovered is still in its early youth, while dealing that operate with engines on internal combustion will, so it is, by concurrence of events, the same professional development after an accident which were consumed by 1986. Year. Flights by plane, who were supposed to be his lifetime achievement orientation, have been replaced by flight in world art, world colors and freedom of creation.
The Image appeared in the two period. In the first period they were fruit image inspiration and the desire for revealing secrets precision. Part of this phase is mainly the oil painting. Second period could be call matured phase Milovan Obrenovic, because it is created after professional development with the help professional painters. In addition oil painting, paintings and akrilik painting.

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