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St. Eustachius patron of hunters
Icon painted with pigment and egg emulsion according to the canons of the Orthodox Byzantine style.
Saint Eustace and St. Eustatius was a Roman general at the time of the Emperors Titus and Trajan. Plakida - what was his name before the baptism, there was a man just and merciful, like the captain Kornilov, who was baptized by the apostle Peter.

Once went hunting, he chases the deer. God's foreknowledge, the horns of a deer appears illuminated cross and a voice came Placide who upućivaše to leave the Christian priest and be baptized. Plakida be baptized with his wife and two sons, and was baptized on behalf Jevstatije age, and his wife Teopistija (Bogovjerna), and their sons and Agapije Tepoist. After baptism Jevstatije went to the same place where the deer got through revelation, and kneeling, thanked God for having brought him to the truth. In this again the voice of the Lord and told him predreče starvation for His name and Strengthen it. Then Jevstatije secretly leave Rome with his family, having no intention to withdraw among the common people, and that in a strange middle and modest serve God.

Arriving in Egypt, immediately rushed him to the ordeal. Some evil barbarian ote his wife and two sons took him, and brought the beast. But soon the barbarian dead, a child he saved your shepherds. Jevstatije dwelt in the Egyptian countryside Vadisis and there as a rural entity is revitalized fifteen years. After that, the barbarians attacked the Roman Empire, the Emperor Trajan žaljaše what he does brave Duke Placide, who wherever he fought referred win.

Then the king sent his two soldiers throughout the empire to seek the Grand Duke. After the foreknowledge of God, you officers, former comrades Eustatius, find Eustatius and they brought him to the emperor. Jevstatije raise an army and defeat the barbarians. On the way back to Rome, Jevstatije find his wife and two sons. When you arrive in Rome, Emperor Trajan who died, and reigned in his stead Adrian. When called Adrian Duke Eustatius to offer sacrifices to the gods, Jevstatije said to him that he was a Christian. Car tossed him to the torment along with his wife and children, but that they do not naškodiše beasts, and cast them into a furnace of a metal ox. On the third day to pull their bodies dead but uninjured by the fire. [1]

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St Evstatie

Ognjenovic Maja
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