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Smiljanic Milivojevic Vera

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Smiljanic Milivojevic Vera


Vera Milivojevic Smiljanic was born in 1952 in Gornji Milanovac. She showed her first serious interest in painting at the age of eight and her first artistic secrets were revealed to her by the well-known artists from Gornji Milanovac and pedagogical workers Cedo Avramovic (Albanian) and Ilija Drasovic. There was no children's exhibition that she did not show up, participate, and often be the most successful. She worked very early on reproductions of Raphael, Leonard, Monet and Picasso.

She has been forming her own style in Paris and has been intensively creating since 1990 when new paintings were created with a lot of symbolism of fantasy and abstraction.

Her paintings are in the collections of several of the world's most famous collectors from Canada, the USA, France and the ex Yugoslavia.

The latest cycle of Vera's paintings was created in 2017. These are abstract paintings, coloristically pure, made in a new style and new technique. It's a new leap into the unknown, a whole new impression and emotion.

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