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Stanković Vesna

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Stanković Vesna


Born in 1982 in Novi Becej.
I have a great interest in painting, drawing, color and a very developed imagination even before I start learning the first letter. My first occupation is in veterinary medicine, so I have the most animal motives and the second occupation is in pedagogy.
I tried sculpting in making dolls from textiles and polymer clay, making toys and figures from clay and edible sugar mass.
I exhibited in the review of amateur artists, competitions where the works showed a good result and a nice placement. I am in contact with the surrounding artists and I am a guest of art colonies in the environment where I present and learn from colleagues.
"Art under masks" is the latest project with fellow painters, painting and exhibiting works in the city center, supporting artists and fine arts, even when the situation is not very nice.
To add more, I make pictures to order based on photos

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