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Stojanovic Teodora

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Stojanovic Teodora


Born in Belgrade, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Professor Dusan Otasevic and postgraduate specialist studies in the class of professor Vladimir Velickovic. Teodora, is also a master of philosophy graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Her spectrum of interest is wide and besides painting, he is interested in NLP, which ended with Slavica Squier and Boris Teodosijević. She is a member of several art associations ULUS, ULUPUDS, ICAF, Center for Personal Growth and Development Kesejić, Art Network of Serbia
She exhibited in the country and abroad - at the Biennale in Italy, Spain, America, Australia, Taiwan and others.

Winner of several international awards:

2018- World Directory Awards, Florence, Italy
2017 - Recognition Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tichung City Goverment, Dadun Cultural Center, Tichung City
2017- Monthly masters 1st place.
2017-Alessandro Constance Foundation, International Talent Awards and Professionals Madrid, Ritz
2017-Biennale de Arte Rome Italy Award "Caravaggio", Rome, Sale de Bramante
2017-International Award "Dante Alighieri"
2017 International Award "Francisco Goya", Barcelona, ​​Gran Teatro Del Liceu
2017-The Metropolitan Empire Prize 2017- Art Prize, Milan, Verme Theater, art curator Vittorio Sgarbi
2015- Second place at UNUNSON miniature contest, Novi Sad

Significant exhibitions:

2018 Modern Gallery, Budva
2018 Australia, Art Extravaganza, Lions Club of Brisbane Macgregor Inc.
2018 City of Kotor, Festival of Light II "Feasts of Light"
2018-Human Rights, Spazio Tempo Arte, Italy
2018- Love and inspiration, Korea

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