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Stojičić Tijana

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Stojičić Tijana


A visual artist from Belgrade with a master's degree in English, creating under the name Tikka. While being focused mostly on abstract art, Tikka creates paintings that employ mainly acrylic on canvas and texture paste. Apart from being a Serbian to English translator and interpreter, her passion is translating reality into art. Her work is ever-evolving as she constantly tries to give new insight into the ways of seeing things. Her paintings are emotionally driven, sometimes depicting a flirtatious game of the pinches of realismus and liberating abstractus.

She noticed that her work appealed to people very quickly and her first art pieces sold very quickly. She now works together with galleries, showrooms and interior designers, also works upon request.

The gift to create has always been part of her DNA. She is grateful that people like her work enough to pay for it.

Recent exhibitions and events:

June 2020 - International collective exhibition: "Belgrade Art Salon", the Gallery of the Heritage House in Belgrade (Galerija Kuće legata).

September 2020 - The first solo exhibition entitled "The Evocations" was held in the gallery of the Centre for Education and Culture "Božidarac 1947", Belgrade

September and October 2020 – „Belgrade Art Show – Art Matine“ collective exhibition

December 2020 - collective exhibition: „Belgrade Art Show – Art Weekend“ the gallery of the Centre for Education and Culture "Božidarac 1947", Belgrade

March 2021 - solo exhibition entitled "The Morphology of Hope“, Ostavinska Art Gallery in Belgrade

She creates and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

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