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Arsovic Vesna - Beka

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Arsovic Vesna - Beka


Hi, I'm Vesna, but you can call me Beka. I am a self-taught painter, born in Serbia in 1988. I have loved drawing, researching and creating since I was a child. I started painting in 2017 and striving to improve every day.

I invest a lot of time and love in my paintings, I love each one individually and I want people to enjoy them. I choose the best materials and frames that will decorate them and highlight it on the wall.

All my paintings are done using the acrylic on canvas technique. I find inspiration on the internet, in the work of other painters, in nature, imagination or photography, but I present them in my own style.

According to my friends, each of my paintings looks like me and I really like that. The time and attention I pay to the paintings makes one part of me switch to them and stay there. If you like them and feel them, it means that we are not so different ...

Thanks for staying with me so far. I'm here for any questions. And now, welcome to my online gallery.

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