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Vujnović Branka

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Vujnović Branka


I was born in 1954 in Dren Lazarevački.Po painting profession a lawyer to deal with since the earliest days školovanja.Prve group exhibitions begin during studies in Kragujevac. 1975 end 1976 joint exhibition organized by the Association of Kragujevac students,1977. organized by the Union Ferijalac also in Kragujevac onwards. ! 980. I join the Association of Fine Artists HI Milan Blagojevic Lucani while Organized by the Serbian Association of Trade Unions participate in municipal and regional exposure and reaches the final republican festivals held in 1981 in the then Svetozarevo, today Jagodina.Kriznih 90s I was more engaged in applied painting, pottery reflected, terracotta, wood, fabric or even walls. Frequent change of residence, village, city, region, complicated personal and social conditions greatly affect the changing and maturing every person but me. I love nature, breadth, freedom, simplicity and love their independence, individuality and even loneliness because I then najkreativnija.I just then I'm not alone. I am filled with the desire to create, occupy me brightness, color, ideas, some small things and events I created images. We live in a constant race against time to fight to survive, fear of uncertainty, concern for bližnje.Sve makes us tired, tense disgruntled depressed and it behooves us rasterećenje.Gde find him? None of that when he felt the bliss of staying at least briefly in the forest, the river, in a park on a hillside where the view is not limited, which is a field of colorful, sky high and wide. What better balm for the soul and body of nature and natural, from the real and classic. This is what I want to achieve and that the best way to convey to the viewer. I had over twenty group exhibitions in the last Skadarliji just completed under the Creative Factory, artists otisak.Prvu his solo exhibition I had in 2012. The CK Lazarevca and since then six more shows and all but one were taken into consideration. My goal is as many juried exhibitions.
Branka Vujnović

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