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Ikona- Presveta Bogorodica (Mlekopipateljica), 50x70cmIkona- Presveta Bogorodica (Mlekopipateljica), 50x70cm

Egg tempera/Wood

€ 720
Apstrakcija 218Apstrakcija 218

Mixed Media/Canvas

€ 40


€ 23
4 ways4 ways


€ 16
3 bushes3 bushes


€ 12
The viewThe view

Mixed Media/Canvas

€ 7
A waterfall of passionA waterfall of passion


Pair 02Pair 02


The Wind Will Change EverythingThe Wind Will Change Everything

Mixed Media/Canvas

kad odemkad odem


€ 80


€ 90


€ 38
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