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Hobora Cu Art

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Hobora Cu Art


My craftsmanship began when I decided to connect my machine engineering knowledge with the passion of bringing forgotten materials to life. We have taken them for granted and we just might have missed their special traits. A while ago, when I was still a child, I used to help my neighbour, the blacksmith, who could create whatever he wanted using only iron and his efforts. And from that time, melting the extraordinary from the ordinary has become my life challenge. Time in my village passed slowly, so the work was always finished on time. A man loving his job –does it patiently. Except when that man is a track-and-field runner, of course. Using my life as an example, I learned to see uniqueness in every copper block and how to make the very best of it. Hand forging is the way I create all of my objects, without using hydraulic presses or rolling mills. The Artist in me sees the final goal, and the Engineer makes it happen. I made most of my tools by myself. My favourite techniques on copper blocks are foldforming and airchasing. For me, they are yin and yang, representing an eternal creation of something new and sensational. Besides copper forging, I work on bone material, horns and raffia as well.

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