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Morana is an ancient goddess associated with winter's death, rebirth and dreams . In ancient Slavic rites, the death of the Goddess Morana at the end of winter becomes the rebirth of Spring - the Goddess Vesna. Morana is most commonly seen as a bringer of death; when Morana seduced Dažbog, the sun god. Once Dažbog moved on to another lover, Morana poisoned him. As retaliation, Dažbog burned Morana and banished her to Nav (the underworld). This story of retaliation coincides with the movement of the sun throughout the year; it was the belief of the ancient Slavs that the sun descended into the underworld in the winter. In this sense Morana is quite literally winter; she pulls Dažbog into her embrace for the duration of winter but he breaks free in time to bring spring. Morana lives in "the mirror palace" protected by snakes. To most she appeared as a withered old woman with an ugly face, however it is said that to those who were not afraid of her she would appear as the beautiful maiden

Item Name:

Morana raises

Tankosic Jelena
Item ID: 443210
Edition: Original
Dimensions: 82cm x 61cm (32.3'' x 24'')
Media: Oil, Canvas
Theme: Figurative
Year made: 2021
Framed: Not framed

€ 6 800

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Artist Tankosic Jelena

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