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Jelic Bane

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Jelic Bane


Bane Jelic (Belgrade, 1967) is a Serbian rock musician, painter and writer.
He is better known for the bands Victoria, Neverne Bebe, Osvajači.

He is a professional painter. He presented the first exhibition of paintings entitled "Waves" in Belgrade at the Pedagogical Museum in 2019, then in Paracin - cultural center, in Batocina - cultural center, in Vrsac - cultural center, at the Prot Fest in Bijeljina in the gallery of the cultural center at the collective exhibition in 2019, in Belgrade at the Pedagogical Museum in 2020. entitled "Golden Age" (the exhibition was opened by Maja Zivanovic, art critic and journalist) at Ummus in Kragujevac at the collective exhibition in 2020. and in Novi Sad and in the Cultural Center. Many of his works are in private collections in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Italy, Germany.

In addition to music and painting, Bane is a great lover of literature, and spends part of his time writing. He published works in the literary collection "Arte stih" (3 and 4) in Belgrade in 2015 and 2016 and in the magazine "Svetosavsko ognjište" (2016 and 2017, Johannesburg). For the publishing house Logos, he is publishing his first book in a surrealistic form called "Fire Mirror" in 2017. The promotion of the book was also held at the Prot Fest in Bijeljina in 2019. He also promoted at the book fair at the Logos stand.

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