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Lisinac Milka

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Lisinac Milka


Milka Lisinac was born in 1959 in Krusevac. Unlike most artists who recognized early talent for artistic expression on canvas, Milki that happened only when he has already stepped into adulthood (as Milka likes to say: golden and ripe) age.
Milka Lisinac become recognizable by its unusual images through which runs the joy, happiness, peace, sadness, life .... No, it is not by theme and motif of the continent which deals with equal: portrait, figure, landscape, still life .. . In addition to the global approach to the theme and motif, particularly attracted to the details of objects and things from the environment which surrounds it. With great passion picture windows, interior and exterior buildings, old irons, pumpkin ... practically all topical eye as can be seen in an environment where BITIS. Like an explorer she and the artistic sense, of course, "processed" and passed through his vision fairytale motifs.
The relatively late start of painting, for example, and it is by no means hindered Milko, nor is it an obstacle to communicate with art lovers. The artist as if he wanted to prove the contrary, that this "delay" of no importance, so, Milka, exhibited in group exhibitions and has participated in the colonies ... has exhibited at the International Exhibition "Women painters" 2016.
He is a member and LK "Rasinius" Krusevac and LK "Dimitrije Simic"
Milka Lisinac engaged in painting in Krusevac where i live.

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