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Terms of delivery


SerbianaArt can deliver your order to any address in the world. For delivery we put following delivery companies at your disposal:

PTT Serbian post office,
PostExpress Serbian post office,
DHL Worldwide Express,
FedEx Express,

Time of delivery

Total Delivery Time   -   varies depending on the time needed to acquire an export permit and time needed to deliver the order to its final destination.

Put simply, here's the basic equation you can use to determine your delivery date:

(Permit)   +   (Shipping Time)   =   Total Delivery Time

Permit   -   according to current laws of our country art works can be permanently taken out of the country only with a permit issued by state authorities. Time needed to get a permit is between 5 and 7 work days.

Shipping Time   -   depends on the organization of post service (PTT, DHL or FedEx) you chose and the distance at which the delivery is sent.

Shipping Time of package if sent by PTT

Shipping Time to the most distant post office center in domestic traffic is 7 workdays.

Shipping Time of package shipment in international traffic depends on custom procedure and organization of post office traffic in the destination country. As our experience tells us in international traffic:

  • Standard package shipping (travel by land and sea) is from 2 to 12 weeks.
  • Air shipping lasts from 7 to 15 workdays.
  • Shipping of package by PostExpress courier mail is from 3 to 7 days.

Your package will be delivered directly to your home in places that have organized delivery. In places that do not have organized delivery, the post office will inform you on the arrival of the package and on time and place where you can take it.

Shipping Time of package if sent by courier mail: DHL, FedEx

Shipping Time of package by courier mail is from 5 to 7 workdays.
Your package will be delivered by courier directly to your home.

Important: Workdays do not include Saturdays and Sundays, days of state and religious holidays.
These delivery terms can be extended in special cases, for example for orders made in time of holidays when post offices and customs are busy. We suggest you make your orders in time.
We suggest you read our Custom information.

Delivery costs

A sum of packaging and delivery service is shown in your shopping basket, beside every article and can always be seen before buying. Delivery costs depend on delivery destination and package weight and are calculated according to the price-list of the delivery service of your choice.


SerbianaArt enables you to insure your package from loss or damage in domestic and international transport. Insurance price is shown in your shopping basket and you can always see it before buying.
We suggest you to use the option to insure by checking a box near "Use insurance".

What if a package is not insured?
SerbianaArt does not bear any responsibility and does not recognize reimbursement in cases of loss, damage or decreasing of package content.

What if a package is insured?
SerbianaArt guarantees to reimburse damage in case of loss of insured package in the invoiced amount. In a case of damage or decreasing of content of an insured package a reimbursement will be made in a determined or estimated amount of damage or decrease, but not in an amount greater then the amount that would be paid in a case of loss of package.
SerbianaArt does not bear any responsibility and does not recognize damage or loss reimbursement caused by unforeseeable events beyond human possibilities (accidents, natural disasters, etc.).

Following the delivery

A system for electronic monitoring of deliveries enables a user of delivery services to know in every moment where the package is - its status (delivered, returned, rerouted).

User can find information on package status by searching following Web pages:

PTT Serbian post office:
Post Express Serbian post office:
DHL Worldwide Express:
FedEx Express:

You only need to enter package reception number (identification number) on a corresponding Web page to find information considering your package (date, time and place of reception, position of your package, and its state (delivered, returned, delivery in progress, etc.).
You can find identification number in the e-mail sent to you by SerbianaArt right after the distribution.

Custom information

You can be a subject liable for paying custom duties and taxes that may arise when the package arrives in your country. Additional expenses that may originate from custom duties in your country must be paid by you. We do not have control of these eventual expenses and can not estimate the amount. Custom duties vary from country to country and you should contact local custom authorities for further information. Just to remind you, when you order from you become the importer and must act in accordance with laws and regulations of the country you are receiving shipment in.
If a package is marked as "Gift" value of a package is not freed from custom duties; the duties must be paid by a person receiving the package.